Monday, December 7, 2009

First Snow.

It's spitting snow today and for some reason I got excited.  Usually I hate snow, but I guess the first one is always kind of fun.  Luckily it's not sticking and it's just a dusting.  Pretty to look at and not a pain to walk or drive in.  I found Ingrid behind the curtains staring outside at the snow coming down, she was very interested.

So it really is December, huh?

This weekend Brendan had to get new glasses so we went to the mall, where we NEVER go.  And for good reason--I don't think I like the masses.  Ingrid and I walked around while Brendan got his eye exam and we found the Santa set up.  It was crazy and they had all kinds of stuffed jungle animals in the snow.  Hmm, really, jungle animals?  That's not very north pole, is it?  The Santa was actually pretty realistic looking, unlike some of these Santas (how funny is that site??)  but I refuse to pay money to take a picture of my child crying on some old man's knee.  I'm such a grinch.

Other than that, not much going on here.  We're getting our tree on Saturday, then we have a party at Brendan's advisor's house.  Then Sunday we're having a party at our house for our small group of friends we've met in Michigan.  I have been preparing the past week or so and I forget how much I love to plan parties!  I baked bread and cookies and other food for the day, I got Christmasy napkins and little presents for the kids, I found all my holiday things in a box at Brendan's parents house so we have a little holiday shelf.  We put twinkle lights on the porch, and once our tree is up, my goodness, it will be Christmas.  It DOES NOT seem like time for that, but alas, it's here!


Corie said...

Love the Sketchy Santa sight! Jami put pics of the kids w/Santa on Facebook and I did comment- we have NEVER gotten the kids' pictures with Santa! And now Keilah knows he's not real, so she'd never go for it!

sunnymama said...

I used to hate snow too before I had sunnyboy. Now I just have to read your post title with snow in it and I'm excited. Snow is so much more fun with a little person to enjoy it with. :)