Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Trees and Pictures

We put up our tree last night.  Do not ask me why we decided to do it at night and not in the day!  I felt rushed because Ingrid was tired and stayed up past her bedtime.  But she loved it and had fun with the twinkles and putting on, and taking off, the ornaments.  Brendan and I realized it was our seventh Christmas tree together--wow!

And this morning I went over to take family Christmas pictures of my friend Heather and her lovely family.  Olivia is four months old and the chubbiest, cutest little baby you've ever seen.  I held her as we talked after pictures were taken-it was awesome.  I just swayed and rubbed her back and drank coffee and she fell asleep on my shoulder.  Sigh, I love that!  And aren't they the cutest family??


Fiona said...

Your tree looks fantastic.
And the pics of your friend and her family are amazing.
What a talented Mama you are!

Idyllic Youth said...

Merry Christmas! Its a lovely tree.

sunnymama said...

Awesome tree! :)