Saturday, October 10, 2009

New Computer!

The other day I smelled something burning. It was the computer. Uh oh! It was time for a new one anyway, we'd had the old one for almost six years and the monitor had broken so we had an old timey huge boxy monitor from a friend. But now--we have a shiny new computer with a nice new FLAT monitor, hooray!

Anyway, I have pictures from the past few days we were without a way to post them. Ingrid in overalls:
Ingrid and Daddy reading before bedtime:
Ingrid going shopping with her cart. She kept going into the pantry and pulling all the cans out, putting them in her little cart. Then she'd walk around with it, come back in the kitchen and unload them back into the pantry.

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mummyof5monsters said...

awww shes shopping! So cute:)