Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Carving Pumpkins!

Last night we finally got around to carving our pumpkin. We moved the dining room table, spread out a sheet, and got to work. Ingrid thought it was pretty cool to be standing in a place where our table usually was.

Brendan drew a face on the pumpkin, and Ingrid helped. She really really wanted a permanent marker, but had to settle for a mechanical pencil that had no lead.

She scooped out the guts and helped put the seeds in a bowl. We're going to try to roast them today. Yum.

And this is the finished product! Ingrid didn't really know quite what to think of it. In the dark with the candle lit she was kind of creeped out. However, this morning she kept singing over and over again "pumpkin, pumpkin!" So it's a hit!


Anna said...

Fun. I love pumpkin carving and fall things. Wish it was fall for longer

maryanne said...

Fun! I need to dare to do this with my kids this year...

Gina said...

Great photos!

Amber, sorry for taking so long to reply your email, it went into our spam folder for some reason....But, the parcel you sent never arrived :( I know it would have taken a while, but by now, it must be lost I think. Thank you so much for thinking of us though :)

Much love
Gina xx