Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ben's Birthday!

Saturday afternoon we went over to Jami, James and Ben's new house for Ben's 2nd birthday extravaganza. It was a crisp, cool fall day, perfect for a drive and an afternoon with friends. The Lippens' new house is amazing, so cute and cozy! They live right by a cider mill, which we passed on our way there, saying to ourselves we needed to stop there on the way home. No need, as Jami had cider and donuts waiting for us! Yum! That's probably one of my favorite things about fall.
Ingrid played with all of Ben's toys, especially his play kitchen. Then she gave us all a scare when she disappeared for a few minutes. Everyone was looking for her and the house isn't that big, so where could she have gotten off to?? The bathroom. And she managed to lock the door. Jami unlocked it and found Ingrid rifling through the cabinet, pulling out everything she could. *sigh* That's my daughter.

It was a monster themed birthday party so I had made this crown for Ben. At first he wouldn't have anything to do with wearing it, but by cake time he would allow it for the few seconds it took to snap a couple pictures. He looked so cute in it!



heather said...

oh when i was a little girl we would go to michigan to visit my grandparents and we would always go to the cider mills and get cider and doughnuts!!!! yum i wish we had that here. there is an apple orchard about an hour and a half inland form us. we might have to make a trip and see if they have cider and doughnuts!

Jami said...

Great pictures! I'm so glad you guys had fun! We did too :) I need to put a post up about it! I'm so damn busy right now, NY TOMORROW MORNING! AAHH!