Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Lovely Fall Day

Today was a warm, sunny fall day. Ingrid played out on the porch this morning, dragging the dead plant around.

Then it was off to Jami and Ben's for a playdate. My zucchini bread+coffee+toys=great time for both mamas and kids. We ended up outside on the tire swing, but I don't think Ingrid's quite there yet...I'm sure she'd forget to hold on and go flying off the swing.

Heather even came with baby Olivia! That girl has the cutest dimpled cheeks :)
On the way home, the little miss fell asleep for about ten minutes. Usually I can throw her in bed and she'll fall back asleep, but today, because I was DYING to lay down, she decided not to. I got really mad and yelled, which of course did not make her want to go to sleep. I calmed down and got her out of her crib, we ate lunch and took Cody out, then I tried again. Nope. Sheesh, lady, you really need a nap! I REALLY NEED A NAP!
No nap.
Dinner was short and sweet and then tubby time was short and sweet, reading books was short and sweet and by 6:30pm she was tossed in bed. Ahhh, a long day over at last. Time to go veg on the couch with bad tv.


maryanne said...

Sounds like fun! We had gorgeous weather and spent the day outside here too =)

Jami said...

It always happens that way doesn't it? Ben was sooooooo tired after Heather left (she was the last to leave) and then he only slept for an hour! I was kind of cranky, I only slept for 20 mins... lol So I turned the TV toward the bed and we layed and watched cars for a while. It was so fun having you over. Lets do it Again soon, we can work around her nap schedule if that's easier next time!