Monday, September 21, 2009

Our Monday (and Book Sharing, Too!)

This morning has been pretty busy. Ingrid attacked, er, pet the cat. It is so funny how Fletcher takes this abuse, er, love. He meows pathetically and yet doesn't try at all to escape...

While Ingrid ate her "wa-foo" I cut out some squares from my box of scraps. Then when she went down for her nap, I sewed them together to make this:

I am just realizing that a couple of the boxes got put on upside down or sideways, and I thought I had been so careful! How do quilters make such masterpieces?? This is going to end up being a lovey or change pad anyway, so it will just be covered in drool or other bodily fluids. I guess an upside down block isn't that big of a deal.

And now onto Book Sharing Monday. Ingrid LOVE
S all the Carl books. We found two more at the library last week and she's taken to them right away. She'll just sit there and page through, looking at the pictures and talking to herself. For those that don't know, the Carl books are about a baby and the Rottweiler that babysits her. They get into all kinds of adventures and mischief while the mom goes about her business.

My mom saw them and said, "Can you imagine ever letting a big dog like that watch your child?!" Sadly, I can totally see Ingrid riding around a Rottweiler. She loves all dogs, but especially the big ones. Yesterday at the dog park she ran over excitedly when Sampson the Newfoundland came in. He came right up, slobbered all over her, and she smiled like she'd won the lottery. Go over to Serendipity to find out more about Book Sharing Monday!

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MaryAnne said...

I agree that the idea of a dog babysitting is troubling, but I really love the Carl books too - the pictures are just so fun, and I'm a fan of books with no/few words.