Thursday, September 10, 2009


Sometimes Ingrid does the funniest things. The other night she was really upset and crying. I went to go pick her up and hold her and the first thing she did was grab my nose and, amidst the tears, said "honk." Then she went back to crying.

Tonight she was all snuggled in my arms having a bottle before bed. She opened her mouth and when I took the bottle away she twisted in my arms so her mouth was on my arm. I thought she was going to bite me since she is chewing on EVERYTHING today, but she blew a raspberry on my arm instead. It sounded like a fart and she giggled.

Kids are so much fun.


Jami said...

LOL Awesome post

Anna said...

That is really cute!
I love when little kids blow raspberries. Fi will come up and blow one on my leg if I have shorts on. Too stinkin cute.

Lyndsey said...

Honk! LOL!

MaryAnne said...

cute stories =)