Sunday, September 20, 2009

Nature Walks (While We Can!)

It's getting to be rather fallish around here, so I'm trying extra hard to get outside for a good long walk every day. On Thursday I took Ingrid and Cody over by the lake. For some reason I took Ingrid out of the backpack and left it at the head of the trail. I thought she'd love to roam and use up some energy, which she usually does. However, about a second into the walk she decided that no, she'd rather be held after all. By that point I was just lazy enough to not want to walk back to the backpack and just optimistic enough to think my arms were strong enough to hold her. It was beautiful out, though, and we made it home in one piece. Hooray!
Yesterday we decided to go to the Arboretum. It never gets old, seriously. It is always so nice to park next to a busy hospital and then walk into a wooded wonderland. This time we took the backpack, and, thusly, Ingrid wanted to "wack" all over. (She loves to say that word and get Cody all excited.) We enjoyed more trees, the river, and watching Ingrid explore. Every leaf and stick and rock was so interesting to her. It really teaches you patience trying to hike with a child...

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MaryAnne said...

Love the last photo of Amber in her backpack. You are so right about hiking with a child teaching patience!