Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

NO PICTURES>BOO!! Blogger is having problems and I can't get them to work. So just imagine Ingrid in a cute brown floral dress with little red sandals being cute cute cute while playing with her best bud Ben. And now...from Monday night:

Another summer gone by, can you believe it?? I'm actually ready for cooler weather and sweaters and scarves, though. Fall is my favorite time of year. The leaves are actually changing color around here already, which is crazy. It seems rather early.

Yesterday we invited ourselves over to a family cookout. It was our friend Jami's family, I told her we needed something to do and we were going to invite ourselves along to whatever they were doing, and she agreed we shouldn't stay at home with nothing to do. So, off to her in-law's house we went. They live in a cute little village, Dixboro, which is in Ann Arbor but not? I don't know, their address is in Ann Arbor but when you go to their house there's a sign that says Dixboro Village and there's a Dixboro General Store. It's super cute.

The Lippens' house is great for kids. They have tons of toys and a swing, sandbox, huge yard. Ingrid was in heaven!! And the fact her best bud Ben was there was great, too. We watched the kids play, drank some beer, ate some great food, and had adult conversations, which is always a treat!

Ingrid almost fell asleep in the swing.

She tried out a bike but didn't understand how to keep her feet up.

And she played Legos with the boys.

It was a good afternoon!


MaryAnne said...

Sounds like a fun afternoon!

For uploading pictures, have you tried writing posts using windows live writer? It's a free download, and much more user-friendly than blogger.

Jami said...

We were so happy you guys came over. It was much more fun with you there. And the desserts you brought were awesome. Brendan was a big hit with Bob, who rarely talks to anyone!