Saturday, August 15, 2009

Part Three

One day we went to Lake Geneva and walked around. We got ice cream and turtles and sat by a fountain. Ingrid thought that was pretty fun, as you can see by the chocolate mouth she's got.

Another day my brother and his family, along with my dad, came for some swimming and dinner. Ingrid has only seen her grandpa Carl once, and she sees her cousins rarely, so it was fun for her.

And on the last day we went to Milwaukee finally. We had just enough time to go to Fuel, the coffee shop where I worked and Brendan and I met at. It was total baby day there--we had Ingrid, our friends Clifford and Allie were there with their chubbo blondie twin boys, and we finally got to meet Mark and Emma's Oliver! Ingrid was the big kid, how strange!

It was nice to visit, but even nicer to get home and do laundry :)


Gina said...

Thanks for sharing such great holiday photos!

Gina xxx

sunnymama said...

Looks like you had a wonderful holiday :)