Monday, August 31, 2009

Baby Signing

Just wanted to say I love that I taught Ingrid some baby signs. It seemed silly at first, as she was five months old when we did the first ones "eat" and "milk." But then she was 10 or 11 months old and sitting at her high chair and she did the sign for "more" and I was so proud! She learned something! And it's really useful!

Now, months later, it's just the norm for her to wave her arms in the air when she's "all done" and put her hands together and say "mo-mo" for "more." And we've added please and thank you, which she does if you ask her to, but not voluntarily. It's a start, though, right?

I just think it's so cool that even before her tongue can make the shapes of words, her brain can put things together and she's able to communicate. It makes it much easier to deal with her now, when she's so independent and wanting to do things herself. And it makes me feel better than I can teach her how to say please instead of her demanding things.


MaryAnne said...

Sign language has helped me a ton as a parent. It helps before they learn to talk, but it helps afterwards too - especially if there's a situation where it's too loud to hear them properly, or if you need a child to be quiet, or they don't want to say something out loud (that they need to go potty, for example).

Big brother, Little sister. said...

I too love this idea. We did this with Cooper from when he was little and he still uses many signs and gestures when he is too tired to talk. Great that Ingrid is using them too :)