Saturday, August 15, 2009

Our Vacation, Part One

Last Saturday morning we left bright and early for Wisconsin. We had the car absolutely packed to the limit, even though I tried to pack light. A 100lb dog and a baby sure do take up a lot of space...We made a few stops, napped in the car, and watched some Blue's Clues on the portable DVD player and made it in about six hours.

As soon as we got there, Brendan's parents showed up to welcome us.
Ingrid showed off how she can walk and we got bitten by a bunch of mosquitos. Fun!

We measured Ingrid on the door and found that she is only slightly taller than her grandpa Bob was when he was the same age. I love that door! It holds so many stories.

We had lots of friends come to visit us out at the cottage, including Christy, Andy and Keagan. Ingrid had so much fun chasing Keagan around. They found all the old trucks and boats in the closet and played well together. Ingrid cried when they left :(

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