Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another Park to Check Out.

Today we went to check out another park that is near our house which we've seen but never gone to before. We walked over to it, it's right around the corner, only to find the sidewalk ends before the park. So we were stranded on the side of a pretty busy road with a stroller that is not made to off road, but we managed to get it through the wet grass and to the park. But tell me, why would you end a sidewalk just before a park entrance?? There are a few of those around here, too, where there is sidewalk, then not, then sidewalk, then not. It makes no sense to me!!

Once at the park we walked around and saw a ton of enormous dragonflies. They scared me, they were HUGE and would swoop right down by us. We let Cody go in the river and take a quick swim, and Ingrid had fun running around. As usual.

When we got home I sewed some more dresses and found out they are all smaller than what I wanted them to be. I forgot that I have to sew a four inch hem at the top, thus they were all four inches shorter than I'd planned. So, they are 12-18 months instead of 2T. Oh well. Here is Ingrid modeling one. I can't decide if I should keep it for her or sell it. What a dilemma!! I get so much cute fabric, I can't possibly keep it all for her! Although we do have a wedding coming up at the end of the month and she needs something to wear. Okay, she's keeping it.

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Fiona said...

That dress is really cute, and it really suits her colouring. You have to keep it!