Monday, August 23, 2010

Vintage For Big Girls

Recently I was lucky enough to find two amazing dresses in larger sizes.  For some reason, most vintage things I find are for babes under 3.  Or maybe I only look in the baby section at thrift stores??  Duh, Amber.  But anyway, I found two awesome dresses for Ingrid when she's older.

The first is a peach number in a size 6.  It's vintage Polly Flinders and has the best details.  Little smocking, swiss dotted fabric, tons of pleats on the skirt, and even a bit of netting underneath for extra flounce. 

The other one I found is in a size 10.  It's Sassoon and looks like a mix between a stewardess uniform and a waitress uniform, which is my favorite kind of dress out there!  In my early 20s I had a few similar dresses I'd wear with my knee high motorcycle boots.  I still miss that turquoise one I had, it was the best.  This dress is tan with little maroon plaid piping.  And the best thing is the buttons, which I couldn't get a good picture of since my auto focus is out on my lens right now.  They have the sassoon logo, a little hand giving the OK sign! 

I can just see this on Ingrid with some brown boots and a little sweater on, total fall fashion.  Of course, by the time she fits into this she may not let me come anywhere near her with any clothes I picked out for her, but one can dream.

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ringmaster said...

oh i love both of these!!! i would totally wear that sassoon one with boots and a sweater!!!!