Monday, August 16, 2010

Birthday Weekend

This weekend we went to the west side of Michigan to see my family.  It was my mom's 60th last week and my nephew's first this week, so we had lots of celebrating to do!  Ingrid was so great, she napped half of the three hour drive and was happy the rest.  And looking quite dapper in her pearls.

We went to my sister's house and swam in the pool, played with lots of toys, and relaxed.  It was so strange but I didn't have to keep much of an eye on her the whole weekend because there were tons of other people around, and my 7 year old niece was a good babysitter.  So I actually did get to relax, it was nice!

Dinner was crazy, we have too many people in our family...It was nice that all of us could get together at one time, though, as usually someone is missing--either me or my brother who lives in Wisconsin.  But we were all there, all 18 of us! 

The next day we had my nephew's first birthday party.  Ingrid had fun with yet more toys that are new to her, and a swingset in the back yard.  She wore herself out and by the time we had cake and sang happy birthday, she was ready to go.  She slept the entire way home, it was great! 

I am so glad we got to do a fun family weekend.  Ingrid is getting way easier to deal with as she gets older, it makes traveling that much more fun.  We'll see what a new baby brings now!


MaryAnne said...

This looks like a lot of fun! I wish my kids had cousins within easy driving distance - Alabama and California are a bit far.

I hope your new baby travels well! Lily is my first kid to like the car, and it's SO nice!

Anna said...

What a fun weekend with family.
Maybe your new one will be a good traveler.
We just had a great long weekend in CO and the girls traveled amazingly well, much better than I expected.