Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Things I Want to Remember

Time goes by so fast and there are so many things I forget about!  I feel like the only way I'll remember is if I write them down, usually on this blog.  So here are the things I want to remember about Ingrid being 2 years, 2 months, 2 weeks, and 2 days old (which is today!)

1. She has an imaginary friend named Hano.  No idea where the name came from, but it's always the same--she pretends the strap hanging down from her high chair is a swing and says "Hano's swinging, Mama!"  And just this morning she knocked some books off the bed and said "Uh-oh, Hano, what did you do?"  It totally cracks me up because I used to have an imaginary friend named Kelly that lived in the flowered wallpaper of our bathroom.  I'm not worried a bit about this kid's imagination!

2. She is really into being a big girl lately.  She has figured out how to get on the potty all by herself using her step stool.  She went upstairs while I was doing something downstairs, and a few minutes later came down so proud of herself sayings she went potty all by herself!  Every time we go in there now she says "I do it all by my big girl self." 

3. She is just getting to that stage of wanting to play with other kids.  Our friends came over today and the first thing she did was ask Ben if he wanted to go up and play.  Up the stairs they went and we moms got to sit on the couch and talk.  I like this stage!  Then we went to the park and there was a girl behind her on the slide.  She said all excitedly "Wanna go on the teeter totter?  Come on!"  It's fun to watch her be social.

That's all.  Just being a mushy mom.  Loving my kid. 

Oh by the way, happy birthday to my husband today!  I love him, too.  But I don't think you'd like to hear stories about him going potty all by himself :)


Carly said...

Super Sweet..My 1st son had a imaginary mouse that he use to hold in his

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! i think there is some connection with gifted kids and imaginary friends, i may be making that up, must research :) mine was EMBEE and tru's is widdow.

is ingrid TWO? i am amazed at how much faster girls catch on to things than boys!!

MaryAnne said...

Wow, she does so much for her age! And she sounds adorable - love mushy mom posts =)

Happy bday to your hubby, too!

Big brother, Little sister. said...

beautiful post :) I also adore the wanting to be independent and social skills.
I can just imagine her saying "teetertotter" that is such a cool word compared to "seesaw".