Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sprinklers and Cupcakes

The other day it was hot hot hot out.  We headed over to a friend's house and spent some time in our underwear.  Okay, not me, but oh how I wish I could be as free as a kid on hot days!  I wasn't sure how Ingrid would like the sprinkler since at splash pads she doesn't really like the water spraying in her face.  But Jami put the water on low enough that I think Ingrid felt okay.  She loved it!! 

I may have to go buy a sprinkler for her.  To add to the slide, kiddie pool, and sandbox in our tiny backyard!

Yesterday we went to get groceries.  This is a tricky thing now that I'm pregnant.  On the one hand the thought of food can make me sick.  So making a menu for dinners is hard.  On the other hand, anything and everything else that catches my eye could be the ONE THING I cannot live without and just have to shove in my face.  So wandering down the aisles I usually come away with some things I normally wouldn't buy.  The other day it was ham salad.  For those not in the know--ham or bologna diced up with pickles or olives and mixed with mayo.  Totally disgusting and yet I totally could not live without it.  Last week.  This week it's totally disgusting again.

Anyway, yesterday it was cupcakes.  We walked through the bakery and wouldn't you know, they had day old cupcakes in a neat little two pack, just the perfect size for a mom and her daughter!  We ate them when we got home.  I'd like to think I was a bit neater than Ingrid was.

And did you notice the swollen eye?  That was from being out in the sprinklers--tons of bugbites and all swollen ridiculously.  Poor kid.


MaryAnne said...

My kids are all about sprinklers these days. Love the cupcake photos =)

ringmaster said...

cool tshirt

Jami said...

Poor swollen girl!! And I can't believe how clean her shirt was after that!