Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Old Timey Playgrounds

The family cottage we go to in Wisconsin is awesome.  Not only is the cottage itself cool, but the park it's in is fun for kids.  There is a beach with a huge old metal slide in the water, and tons of little parks scattered around.  Most of these parks are from the 60s or 70s, filled with painted metal death trap toys.  Awesome!

Modern Kiddo did a post awhile back about how cool old playgrounds were, even if they did cause a bunch of bumps, bruises, and broken bones.  How true!  Here are some pictures from a couple of the playgrounds in the cottage park.  I just love those horse swings!!

As safe as the new plastic playgrounds should be, they just aren't so fun to look at.  Nothing is in the shape of an animal.  I really hope that no one decides the old things should be torn out and replaced with new toys.  That would really make me sad.


Carly said...

Yes I Remember playing on those Animal bouncer things when I was Little..Cute:) Hope you are feeling better these days!!

MaryAnne said...

That giraffe climber is awesome! I miss the old-style playgrounds, too, but the bouncy flat rubber stuff they are using on some of the new playgrounds is awesome!

Fiona said...

Loving that pic of those horsey swings.

Jami said...

Ha! Very cool! Love this post!!