Thursday, July 8, 2010

Etsy Junk and Vintage Stuff

Lots of stuff going on at Applesauce Crafts!  I got a few orders this past weekend, which made me realize how depleted my store had gotten.  I have not sewn in weeks, this pregnancy is kicking my ass right now!  But this week has been productive.  First, I got a custom order felt book, which was fun to do.  I love that this kid's name is Fox, it's so XFiles! 

Then I sold almost all my blankets I had made, so I threw together these three:

I need to get some of my vintage sheets cut up for a cool baby quilt too, but that's another story.

And as for vintage stuff, Ingrid has been sporting some ultra cute vintage dresses lately!  The fourth of July one is a Polly Flinders, found at Salvation Army last week.  And we saw a post from Lishyloo on Facebook and made an impulse buy for this little gingham number.  OMG, so cute!

I also have another one I got when I was at my mom's, it's got little flowers embroidered on it.  Why don't they make cute things like this anymore?? 

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