Monday, July 26, 2010

Back From Vacation!

We went to see friends and family in Wisconsin last week, and boy did we have fun!  We left on a Friday afternoon, which worked out really well.  Ingrid was mellow in the car, Chicago traffic was light and easy.  Although getting Ingrid to a new place at 10pm and expecting her to go right to bed was a little stupid.  She was up until midnight and then up bright and early at 6am, but luckily Grandma and Grandpa are up then, too.

Fun highlights from the trip--going out to eat with our friends.  The dress Ingrid is wearing is an original from Bron and Pepper!  Right before we left for our trip we got a package from them with this dress, a cute tank top, a skirt and some hair clips.  I was in heaven, thanks so much guys!! 

We also went to dinner with Brendan's parents to this place on the river that has a really good fish fry.  Oh fish fry, I love you!  True Wisconsin!  Ingrid is in love with her grandparents, in case you can't tell...

And at the cottage fun was had while wearing nothing but our bathing suits.  Ingrid had a blast going to the beach and running through sprinklers and playing at the numerous playgrounds.  And she slept like a champ after all that fresh air!
A really fun memorable thing we did was take her to the Kid's Dance.  The cottage Brendan's parents have is in an association that has been there since the turn of the century, when all the people from Chicago would come summer by the lake.  Apparently this dance is something they've been doing since Brendan's dad was about ten years old, and they still do it!  And Ingrid loved it!  She danced her way through two Chicken Dances, YMCA, and the Hokey Pokey before she got wild and started throwing herself all over the concrete floor.  That kid has some moves!!


Anonymous said...

ingrid is so adorable, love that new dress! and her swimsuit collection is fantastic.

welcome home! how you feeling?

MaryAnne said...

Ingrid is adorable! I was just thinking yesterday that you hadn't posted in a while. Sounds like you had a great vacation, and that Kid's Dance sounds so fun!