Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween and a Dr. Checkup

Guess who weighs 21 pounds!!
We went to the doctor yesterday and Fat Man checked out completely fine.  He is right on target for everything he's supposed to be doing and has gained a ton of weight and grown crazy big.  Who was born six weeks early? 
Our Halloween was pretty fun, even though we had it early.  Saturday we got dressed up to go Trick or Treating and we had a blast!!  Ingrid was jumping up and down from excitement for the entire afternoon.  She does not need candy to be over excited! 

Two streets away from our house was insane.  Every house was completely decorated and there were about a million and half people there.  It was a madhouse, and it was so fun!  We came back to our house to find our candy bowl empty and decided to call it a night.  People were still knocking even though we closed our door and turned off our porch light and blew out the candles in our pumpkins.  Hello?  Take a hint!  We're out of candy!  Definitely going to buy two big bags next year!


MaryAnne said...

Go, Otis!

Love the Halloween pics =)

becky v said...

21 pounds??!!! OMG! He is huge. You guys make the cutest little halloween family. :)