Sunday, November 20, 2011

Birthday Party!

This weekend we went to a birthday party for a little one year old named Milo.  His mom and I used to work together and we ended up having our sons (Milo and Otis, ha!) exactly a month apart.  Here's what they looked like together when we first moved here:
Remember, these guys are ONE MONTH apart! 
Here's what they look like now, I think Otis is doing a good job of catching up!
 We had a good time playing with toys, including a little ball pit.  Kids LOVE ball pits, what a great idea to have at a party! 
They had all kinds of fun things, like curvy straws.  Ingrid was in heaven!
Happy First Birthday, Milo! 


Elaine E said...

Hey there..I came across your blog in a search for a ball pit for my soon to be one year olds birthday party. I was pleasantly surprised to see you little guy in a Wisconsin represent shirt because Mine also has one :) Where was this birthday party...I love the ball pit and the mats for babies. Do I need to buy these or can I rent?

Amber Liddle said...

Hi! So funny that you found a local blog in your internet search! We were at a park pavilion on the south side, the mats and the ball pit were owned by the family. And it was a great idea, all the kids had so much fun!