Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Visit with Cody

Our wonderful dog Cody has been living with Brendan's parents for the past year and a half.  While I was pregnant and especially on bedrest, it was nice not to have a pacing old dog to have to deal with.  Then we moved and our new place did not allow dogs.  So, it's been awhile since we've had him.  But he had to go to the vet yesterday, so Brendan and Ingrid brought him and then brought him to our house to spend the weekend.  We're hoping that our landlord will see what a gentle giant we have and let us keep  him here. 

Otis loves Cody, which surprised me.  Our friends have two big labs and when they ran up to Otis, he cried.  But Cody comes in the room and Otis is all over him.  And of course Ingrid loves her original big brother.  And it was a lovely day out so we got to spend lots of time out in the backyard throwing a tennis ball. 

Can I just say that my wee little baby is really starting to look like a little boy?  His four top teeth are starting to show when he smiles and he just isn't that gummy little man anymore.  It is about a month until he turns one.  Where oh where did that year go??

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becky v said...

Otis REALLY looks like a little boy. I was thinking that from the very first picture!! I hope you get to keep Cody at your apartment! That would be so great.