Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dressing Up!

Yesterday we braved the children's museum for what I thought was going to be a fun time of trick or treating, Halloween fun.  They advertised this thing like crazy, so I thought for sure it would be awesome!  Trick or treat stations!  Fall crafts!  Yay!

So even though we all have colds and I had to shove a full box of tissue in my purse, we dressed up and went.  Otis in his giraffe costume:

And Ingrid as Little Red Riding Hood.

We got there and there were dressed up workers signing people in, giving them fliers and bags for their treats.  I was so excited!  How fun for Ingrid!  Then we went upstairs to the museum, where there were four thousand kids running around because it was a day off school.  It seemed like every mom had a double stroller that they conveniently left completely in the way (empty strollers just there to carry all their junk.  I HATE THAT!!)  I searched for the trick or treat stations.  Nothing.  As we walked around I saw a big basket of Smarties.  Just sitting there.  No one near it.  Was this a trick or treat station?  Apparently so.  And there were a whopping TWO of them.  TWO!  In the whole effing children's museum, there were two trick or treat stations.  My goodness, how overwhelmingly fun...

Luckily Ingrid didn't care.  She just likes the museum so much she was having fun playing with everything and forgot about the Halloween part of it anyway.  And tonight is trick or treating in our neighborhood, where they close off the street on our block and we can partay and trick or treat for real.  Yay!