Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kid Free Vacation!

Last Thursday Brendan and I flew off to Washington DC for a long weekend.  WITHOUT KIDS.  Holy cow, it was amazing!  We saw other parents wrangling strollers, babies and toddlers, diaper bags, toys, snacks, and we just sighed and went back to drinking our coffee and enjoying staring off into space.

We stayed at the Westin Alexandria, which was...okay.  It was pretty close to the Metro station so it was easy to get around, and the beds were awesome so that made up for the fact they charge for wifi.  Am I crazy to think you should just include that as an amenity in a hotel catered to business people?? 

We ate lots of good food, took the Metro everywhere, saw the sights.  The first night we got there we brilliantly decided to brave the rain and see the monuments lit up.  Of course as soon as we were in the middle of the park, with absolutely nowhere to run for cover, it started monsooning on us.  We were soaked!  And cold.  And in the middle of a park.  We had to run to the nearest street, found a small doorway to cover us until the rain slowed down, and then sloshed back to the Metro.  I could wring out water from my sweatshirt. 

We saw the White House one day and look off to the left--it's the white house dog! 

The fun thing about our trip was that we were in Alexandria, where my blog friend Becky lives!  She also went through a preemie situation around the same time Otis was born.  Water broke at 31 wks, was supposed to stay on bedrest, but her little guy wanted out, so he came right at 31 wks.  She found this blog and contacted me, and we've kept in contact ever since.  We decided to meet up one night while we were there.  It was so fun!  The misters talked non stop, we talked nonstop, we had good beer and good food.  It was so nice to have a night out with another couple.

Saturday finally cleared up and we had gorgeous weather to go see the monuments.  It was breezy and warm and not a cloud in the sky.  Perfect for trekking around the entire day!

It was amazing to take naps and eat whenever we wanted and not have to worry about diaper changes or tantrums.  It's fun to have family time with the kids, but man, did we need this vacation!! 


MissShapes said...

Looks so fun! I'm glad you got to get away with your husband....you deserve it mama!!

becky v said...

I bet it was good to see the kiddos when you got home, but glad you got some time away! Great pictures!