Monday, September 26, 2011

The Newest Liddle

We have a cat, her name is Frances.  She is psychotic.  For real.  She loves Brendan and I (most of the time) but anyone else she hates.  She will come into a room, sit and stare, and then hiss whenever you look in her general direction.  She is declawed, and yet has given Ingrid huge gashes on her arms when she was silly enough to try to pet the kitty.  I'm guessing she's learned how to use her teeth...In our old apartment we had stairs up to the bedrooms and bathroom.  My mom swore when she'd go upstairs to use the bathroom that Frances would sit at the bottom and just stare up at her and hiss.  She can be a little scary sometimes.

So, obviously with kids this is not ideal.  We want them to have a pet they can actually, I don't know, PET?  We had another cat but he ran away.  Of course, the nice one ran away...So we went to the Humane Society yesterday and adopted a kitten!  Her name is Zoey (Ingrid's choice, good, right?) and she is two months old.  She's a calico with white paws and she is the squeakiest little thing. 

We have no idea what kind of personality she'll have, but we're hoping for a mellow cat that loves kids.  And we're also hoping the cat we already have does not hate her.  They are in seperate rooms right now and will be introduced later this week, if I can remember to keep the door to our bedroom closed.  Super fun!  I'm so happy to see the kids grow with this little kitten and have her be a part of their childhood. 


Anonymous said...

you know i am cat obsessed, keep us informed on how it goes with frances. we had a cat like her before tru was born, hated everyone but Ev and sort of tolerated me. It can be a challenge ;) haha! zoey is ADORABLE.

Fiona said...

Zoey is cute (and a great name for a cat).
But what happened to Cody?
Did I miss something?

Amber Liddle said...

Fiona, Cody has been at Brendan's parent's house the last year or so. When i was pregnant their two old dogs died and they wanted to give us a break and also have a dog again :) And then when we moved we weren't allowed to have dogs so he's still at grandma and grandpa's. we see him weekly.

Fiona said...

Whew - so glad to know he is doing ok.
When we moved to Switzerland we actually considered giving one of our dogs to DH's parents, becasue he was pretty old and we weren't sure about him dealing with the journey. But he did and he loved the new place, but I also get that sometimes it is kinder to let someone else look after your hound for a while.

becky v said...

Yay kitty!! Cats are the best pets. Clean, quiet, and there when you need a snuggle...of course not in your other kitty's case. He sounds like the cat from Friends that hisses "Rachel!" :)