Monday, September 12, 2011

First Day of K3!

Ingrid got into a local Montessori school and she started today.  She was pretty excited to go, although I'm not sure she understood that it wasn't the same place she went to this summer.  She has to wear a uniform, red top/dark pants, and she has this huge backpack that is bigger than she is.  I feel pretty torn if I'm excited for her or wondering how she got so big? 

We went and signed papers and there were three other girls her age in the office.  She immediately jumped in their pictures their gramma was taking (lol, photo bomb!) and started chatting away with them like she'd known them all her life.  I love how gregarious she is!  After signing papers, we headed into the maze of halls and corridors to find her room.  I don't know what it is about these big city schools, but they intimidate me like nothing else!  Everything looks the same, lockers on the wall, doors here and there.  My elementary school was small and had three grades in it, and seriously had one hallway.  No upstairs or downstairs, just a hallway with rooms, a gym, an office, and a library. 

We found the room, and all the kids were already seated in a circle around the teacher.  Ingrid just sat herself right down and said hi, I'm Ingrid!  She didn't even look back to see me leaving.  And when I picked her up she was bouncing around talking about how fun it had been.  I think she likes school.

I'm so amazed at my fearless little girl.  She just takes an unknown situation and puts herself right in the middle of it with complete confidence and a cheerful smile.  Day one down, let's see what the rest of the week brings us!


Mommy, Papa and the 'Nuts said...

I'm totally happy for you that she got into a (free?) Montessori there...We have one here that is completely gorgeous and costs the tiny amount of $600 a month. Yes, thats 6-0-0. Heh, hem.

Fiona said...

Yay Ingrid. And how great to have such wonderful choices about where to send your kid to school.
I hope she continues to enjoy it, but I don't know many kids who don't love Montessori. It is such a great way to stimulate them but not push. We are big fans here.

Anonymous said...

incredible! truman is very much the same way wand it floors me, i was NOT like this ;) it's such a blessing having them like school this much! i know this may not always be the case but right now i am loving it!