Wednesday, August 10, 2011

State Fair!

Yesterday we went to the Wisconsin State Fair.  I have never been there, in all my time living in Milwaukee!  It just never occured to me to go.  I don't care about cows and pigs, I get sick on carnival rides, and I don't really need to eat deep fried butter.  (Although deep fried oreos and smores sounded kind of tempting.)

But...with kids comes a change of heart.  Ingrid just loves carnivals, so we met up with friends and braved the crowds with our double stroller. 

We ate corn.

We posed at silly cutout things.

Ingrid kept talking the whole time about riding the tea cups.  Luckily, there were tea cups!

And rocket ships.

And a kiddie roller coaster, which she bravely went on.  She even raised her hands up a couple times!

And meanwhile, Otis sat in the stroller, took a nap, refused to nurse, and just chewed on his straps.  He's such a sweet kid.


MaryAnne said...

State fairs are awesome with kids! And we have that same double stroller, in the same color. Isn't the massive canopy great?

I love the picture of Ingrid with the corn and Otis in the stroller - your kids are so cute!!!

Mommy, Papa and the 'Nuts said...

Adorable, as usual.

becky v said...

Otis looks so great in orange!