Saturday, August 20, 2011

Living our Life

It's been pretty mellow around here lately.  Ingrid finished up her summer Montessori program.  The weather has been nice, not too hot.  Otis is growing and learning new things.  He loves cold carrots to chew on. They make him insanely happy.  His teeth have still not shown themselves.

He no longer needs the baby tub, thank god. I am all for getting rid of large plastic baby items!  He's also starting to wave.  It's adorable.

Pre-season football has started.  Unfortunately.  I hate football.  Brendan watches it all the time.  I am left with no TV and no husband.  Curses to you, NFL!  Although Ingrid looks pretty cute in her Packer's jersey...

She got a double bed this week!  A friend was giving their guest bed away to make room for baby #2, so we snatched it up.  Ingrid looks so small in her huge bed!  And how lucky of her to have all that room.  I didn't have any larger than a twin bed until I was 19!  A friend said she and her husband had a twin bed for a year after they moved in together!  And here is my little 3 year old, spread out in all the luxury.  Lucky lucky.


MaryAnne said...

I bet she loves all that space!

The photo of the Ingrid and Otis together is adorable!!!

becky v said...

I second the NFL!!! I can handle some college football (Go BIG RED), but pro drives me completely nuts. And Stu loves it. Maybe he and Brendan can watch some together while you and I hang out in October!

I am going to try the carrot thing with Ethan. His bottom front tooth has sprouted and he's been pretty fussy and chewy lately. I think cold carrots would be perfect!