Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Our Friends Are Pretty Nice.

Yesterday we got a big ol' box of goodies from our friend Lish.  This was my favorite item by far:

Scooters!  So cute!

Then today Ingrid went into her drawer and pulled out this gem that our friend Brooke got us on her trip to Jordan a couple years ago.  It finally fits her and she loved it.  She said "look, mom!  There's camouflages all over it!"

And then when going to dress Otis this morning, I pulled a random tshirt out and it happened to be this one from our friends in Germany.  They have a cute little tshirt shop and when I saw this I asked if they'd send one for us.  Super cute!

We are just so lucky to have great friends that share things with us.  They're pretty nice.

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MaryAnne said...

Those are all so cute! Friends are awesome!