Monday, August 22, 2011

Busy Weekend

Saturday was our block party.  I love that we live on a block where most of the neighbors know each other and they would go to so much trouble to set up a block party like this!  The neighborhood firefighters came with a huge ladder truck and handed out sticker badges, plastic fireman hats, and bracelets to all the kids.

They were supposed to have a bike decorating contest but I never did see that happen.  The kids had fun riding bikes in the street anyway.

One of the neighbors plays the guitar, so he set up and Ingrid another little girl danced their hearts out.

There was food, beer, chatting, getting to know the neighbors, and of course everyone commented on what a cute and mellow baby Otis is.  He's a hit wherever he goes.

Yesterday was, in my opinion, the best day EVER.  Brendan took the kids to Irish Fest for the whole day!  I was alone at home for hours and hours!  I cut out 24 bibs and have finished them all except for the Velcro.  It was so awesome to get so much done!  The reason I had 24 bibs cut out was for Art Vs. Craft, which I realized I haven't said anything about yet!  (I started an Applesauce Crafts blog so I posted there.)  It's my first craft show and I'm super excited about it!  It's the weekend after Thanksgiving and there are tons of people hungry for DIY gifts for Christmas!

Anyway, at Irish Fest, Brendan entered Otis in the Red Hair Contest.  Sadly, he did not win, but how funny!  Brendan used to get entered in the Freckle Contest when he was a kid! 

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