Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Very Busy Saturday

Yesterday was chock full of action!  We were having friends over from out of town, but we had a couple hours before they got here to go test drive yet another car.  This has been an ongoing process and it's hard to do with two kids.  Ingrid was hugging every car in the showroom, wanting to get in and lay down in all the seats (thus getting them filthy) and Otis was...well, he was okay.  He zonked out in the Moby.

We have test driven four cars, the Honda Element, which I said no to right away, the CRV, the Subaru Forester, which we have an old version of, and a Chevy Equinox.  You know what?  They're all the same pretty much!  There are little tweaks here and there, but they all cost about the same and drive about the same and have about the same space.  So...we couldn't decide.  So one more trip to the Honda dealership and I had had enough.  Let's just buy it, I said!  We like it, it's a good color, it's a good price, let's just do it! 

So we did :)  An hour before expecting guests, lol!

Then our guests came, and boy was that fun!  Brendan went to college with all these lovely people, and our get togethers have changed quite a lot in the past few years!  It used to be meeting at a bar to watch the Wisconsin game, or going to a Brewers game, and drinking a lot of beer.  But yesterday was the first family friendly get together and it was awesome, in my opinion.  I don't drink much and can't stay up late, so those bar nights were never really my thing anyway! 

Ingrid fell in love with five year old Ellie the minute they stepped in the door.

The girls played and ate, and screamed and yelled, and jumped and ran.  It was so nice to see Ingrid playing so well.  Here in baby-town she doesn't get to play at playdates, she just gets yelled at to be gentle with all the babies...The weather was nice and we went to the park.

The girls watched They Might Be Giants videos on youtube.

And then they all got their pjs on and had a drum circle with Ingrid's bongos. 

It was exhausting.

And Otis was a model baby, of course!  He was happy and cooing and smiling, then he'd pass out for a couple hours, then he'd get up and be happy again. 

Good times!  Everyone left around seven, Ingrid passed out, and I have to say, so did I.  It was a very busy day, fun and exciting, and tiring--so tiring.  Today will be nothing but relaxing I hope.  And driving my new car around the block again!

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MaryAnne said...

I love getting together with old college friends who have kids for my kids to play with!