Friday, April 8, 2011

11lbs of Fun.

Otis had his doctor's appointment yesterday and weighed in at an even 11lbs.  Not too bad, he's gained more than six pounds in the past three and a half months.  The doc said he looks like he's catching up rather nicely.

Other things going on these days:  Ingrid has taught herself how to play the Wii.  Seriously, my mom and I watched her play table tennis and she totally won every time she played.  Now she knows how to do the bike game.  It's funny, but also a little worrisome to me since I think she's too young for video games! 

Today we had a playdate with some other Bay View moms.  So funny that they all pulled up in their Subarus!  As one mom put it, either there's a group of lesbians here or a group of moms :)  We had a buncha babies laying around snotting and drooling everywhere.  It was fun.

Milo was here again, and we were laughing at how much bigger he is.  Again.  That will always be funny.  Otis is 11lbs, Milo is one month older and 19lbs!  I dont think Ingrid was 19lbs until she was a year old!

Our friend brought us a play gym thing for Otis to lay on.  He's really into looking at stuff and is supposed to have more tummy time (am I the only mom that doesn't do this??  My doctor said I should be doing 15 minutes a day.  I ne-ver do it!)  Otis was pretty enthralled with all the things dangling above him, and I'm loving that the fabrics are cool and not so babyish. 

And one more fun thing--side by side pictures of Ingrid and Otis that Tia took.  Keep in mind that Otis is almost four months old and Ingrid was like 3 weeks old in these pictures!  Every time I think he's so big I get a reminder of how wee he really is!  But how much do they look alike here??  So cute.


Mommy, Papa and the 'Nuts said...

I was a tummy-time nazi with Lorenzo, a little less with francesca and hardly at all with Sofia. Lorenzo and francesca were crawling at the same age, sofia shows no interest....maybe connected? anyway, as long as he doesn't have a wonky head, I think you're good ;)

Anonymous said...

soooo cute!!

truman had a neck injury due to his difficult entrance into the world so we had to do tummy time CONSTANTLY, he got really good at it eventually. the HATE it at first, they ALL do, don't let anyone tell you any different.

Angie Griffiss-Williams said...

You use a stretchy wrap sling with him in an upright position don't you? If you are doing that regularly, you don't need to worry about tummy-time - it's all about strengthening their neck muscles, and if he's upright in a sling he will be doing that much more naturally. My daughter hated tummy-time, so we never, ever did it, but she had the best head control in her entire peer group because she was constantly held upright in the sling (hated being cradled!).


ringmaster said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE that photo of ingrid in the header!!!

MaryAnne said...

I thought that WAS Otis drinking from a bottle, until I read the text! They look like the same baby!!!

Hooray for Otis doing so well, and I can't believe Ingrid can play Wii! Johnny tried out Mario Kart, playing against Mike (who never plays video games) ad Mike's cousin's house - and he beat Mike!

becky v said...

My friend just got us the same activity mat!!!! I love that its bright and stimulating but not gaudy. And Ethan loves the music from the giraffe...he immediately stops fussing when we play it!

And we don't do 15 min of tummy time either....building up though!!