Sunday, April 3, 2011

Gramma's Here!

My mom came Thursday afternoon on the train.  I sure wish our train system was better here in the US because it's so much easier than driving...My mom got to relax in a cushy cabin and meet some new friends, which is what she's so good at.  Every time I've picked her up from the airport or when she took the boat over here, she always has made a couple friends on the way.  Such a social butterfly!  Instead of having to deal with super high gas prices and driving through Chicago, my mom got to just cruise on into Milwaukee and be welcomed by a jumping little girl screaming "Gramma!  Gramma!"

It started out slightly nice this weekend, nice enough to go to the park.  It's so nice having a great park three blocks away that looks out over Lake Michigan and has a great view of the city.  I am SO loving being back in Milwaukee, and especially Bay View!!

Friday morning was Minnie Mouse pancake day, which Ingrid loved.  Grammas are awesome.

Otis enjoyed a snuggle with Gramma here and there, when he wasn't crying for me.  Sigh, he's way more attached to me than Ingrid ever was, I feel like!

Brendan and I had to go to a work party last night, which is why we had Gramma come over this way.  We stayed at the hotel where the party was, so when it got boring for me (I didn't know anyone and Brendan sat all night talking chemistry--yawn.) I got to go up to the room and take a nice hot bath and watch a stupid movie on HBO while laying in a king sized bed.  Aaaaahhhh, relaxation!  We came home to find Otis crying for Mama and Ingrid bouncing off the walls.  I missed my little bubs, but it was nice to sleep last night!


Jami said...

Ok #1 - I am SO jealous of your night away at a hotel. SO jealous.

And #2 - I <3 your mom, I wish I could hang out with her more :)

Mommy, Papa and the 'Nuts said...

SOOOO awesome to have a trustworthy and helpful Gramma....SOOOOO nice....