Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Baseball With Otis

Last night we went with our friends to a Brewer's game.  It was awesome--we left Ingrid at home with Grandma and Grandpa, we tailgated with the babies, and we got really good seats.

Unfortunately, Otis was not having it.  When we brought Ingrid when she was a month old, she just slept and hung out in the front pack.  Otis was wide awake, would not or could not fall asleep, and ended up getting really freaked out.  Seriously, he looked like he was on a bad trip or something, eyes wide open, sucking madly on his pacifier.  Luckily our friend Jess had some kiddie sized earmuffs we could borrow.  Look how freaking cute Otis looked in them!!

Jess and I were joking that we were going to nurse right at our seats so we'd get on the jumbotron, but we didn't.  Instead we were shown to the first aid room, where they were really really nice, pulled curtains for us to give us some privacy, and even gave us a little certificate saying it was Otis' first baseball game.  How sweet!  Even though I couldn't sit in my really close seat (I was swaying back and forth trying to lull Otis to sleep in the walkway instead) I had a lot of fun and can't wait to take both kids to a game this summer!

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becky v said...

How fun!! And those ear muffs are a great idea...never would have thought of them. Love the pic of you with the game in the background! Otis is so cute.