Monday, October 11, 2010


Saturday was insane.  We live a block away from a university football stadium, and Saturday was a big game with the local rivals.  It was estimated that our small little college town had an extra 120,000 people in it!  The game started at 3:30pm but people were tailgating and driving obnoxiously starting at 8am.  There are some serious fans around here...

Anyway, we decided the best idea was to get out of town for the day.  We went to a local pumpkin farm and had another wonderful family day.  It was hot out, and Ingrid was tired, but we managed to have a great time.  They had animals.  They had slides.  They had a big sandbox filled with corn--it was awesome!  What a great sensory game for kids!  They were going nuts and it hit me that most of these kids have probably never been allowed to play in a big bin of corn, rice, lentils, etc.  What they have been missing out on!

After we did the kid's area we got donuts.  Of course!  My favorite part of fall is the donuts and cider.  Ooey gooey cinnamon sugar donuts and tart apple cider, could there be anything better?  I caved and spent three times more on a little plastic pumpkin cup for Ingrid, how dumb is that?  I swear, people know how to get money from parents.

Then it was time for the hay ride.  They had big tractors with wagons hitched up to them, and the ride was the perfect length for Ingrid.  She didn't seem to care about it one way or the other, actually.  But she loved the field of pumpkins!  She had so much fun running from one to the other and rolling them, trying to pick them up, sitting on them.  Fun times!


Anonymous said...

so cute! can't wait until next fall when otis is there too!!

MaryAnne said...

I LOVE the idea of a sensory box filled with corn! My grandpa grew corn, and I remember playing in his huge bins of seed corn - including the ones covered in pink pesticide that we were strictly forbidden from touching. I just couldn't resist that pretty pink corn! Thank goodness I turned out all right!