Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Party!

Yesterday afternoon we went to our friend's for a rip-roaring toddler style Halloween party.  Ingrid was SO EXCITED to try on her kitty costume!  She's been asking to use the face paint ever since we got it last week.  I made a tail to sew on her pants and it turned out so funny.  Brendan and I both thought it looked either very phallic or like a big poo.  And of course Brendan had to say that in front of Ingrid and she kept running around giggling "I pooping, Mama!" 

There were tons of toys and a bounce house and cupcakes and food.  Ingrid was in awe of everything, her attention span was about four seconds long.  And then once she got over it all she wanted to do was swing in a swing that an adult had to put her in and push...The whole point of a nice backyard party is that the parent's don't have to watch their kids!

It was a super fun time and we still have next week for trick or treating! 


Fiona said...

She looks so cute in her cat costume, and it is just typical that she found the pooping comment funny! Got to love that toddler sense of humor.

Carly said...

I Love Halloween...It is so cute to see all the kiddies in their costumes...What a cute Kitty Cat!!