Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloweens of Yore

Another post inspired by my favorite ladies over at Modern Kiddo!  They had this great post on vintage Halloweens and it made me dig through our boxes to find the photo albums with kid pictures of Brendan and I.  Luckily I found the one I was looking for:

The year was 1979 (gulp.  I AM vintage!)  That would be me in the middle as Raggedy Ann, my sister on the right as Cinderella, and my brothers behind me as a football player and Frankenstein.  The other kids are our neighbors.  Love that Holly Hobby costume!!

Brendan's were equally fun.  1980 was a plastic number of the Hulk.  No mask, though, wonder where that went off to?

1984 was Darth Vader.  What is that around his neck, does anyone know?  I wasn't a Star Wars fanatic, but I didn't think he had a turntable on his chest...

Someday Ingrid's going to look back and say really, mom?  A ladybug?  What were you thinking?


MaryAnne said...

Lily is going as a ladybug this year!

I think Darth Vader had some sort of computer on his chest?

ringmaster said...

love this! how funny after i saw the modern kiddo post i wanted to look through old halloween photos also but they are at my mom's! my favorite costume that i wore was holly hobbie! penelope is going to be raggedy ann!