Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jack'O Lanterns

Yesterday was a great day.  I got some sewing done, and I am loving the fact that Ingrid gets excited when I get out the sewing machine now!  She wants to throw the scraps away, she begs for it!  We made this little number for a friend:

It's this cool sensory "book" that is just squares of flannel with Velcro, so kids can rip them apart and stick them together.  I also added some ribbons to one, and to cover the stitches on the front, I put a little piece of flannel with her initial on it.  I love how it turned out!!  The thing I love most is that the 4mo old for whom it's intended will love it, but so will her 2yo sister!  Ingrid loved the thing, I might have to make one for her today while it storms.

Last night after dinner Brendan decided it was time to carve the pumpkins.  I'm sure glad he likes to do things, because I could care less about carving pumpkins.  Ingrid was not so sure about the goop on her hands.  Where did this come from??  She could be messy from head to toe (and usually is) but once something gets on her hands, she freaks.

And please get a hold of Ingrid's outfit.  We did laundry yesterday and every time I would take something out of the basket, she'd want to put it on.  That's how we got this look.  A stripey shirt, Christmas dress, cookie pajama pants, and orange mary janes.  Good look for you, honey!


Anonymous said...

love it!

tru is the same way about certain things on his hands, he will be sooo messy but then randomly hate something on his hands. weird.

MaryAnne said...

Your sensory book is brilliant! I will definitely be making copycat baby gifts - thank you so much for the idea!

My kids would approve of Ingrid's outfit. This morning Johnny was very upset because he couldn't layer two pairs of pants. He still went out in two long-sleeved shirts, with his pants on backwards. Gotta love two-year-olds!

Amber Liddle said...

MaryAnne--I didn't come up with the idea for the book, I should've said that. A friend sent me a link to a blog she'd found. So you'll be copycatting a copycat :)

And it's funny you should say Johnny wanted 2 pairs of pants, Ingrid did that the other day. She had on brown pants with the cookie pj pants on over. It looked hilarious!!

Mommy, Papa and the 'Nuts said...

YIPPEE!!! LOVE the book! (Same NO-goop hands over here too... crazy kids.)