Monday, September 27, 2010

A Much Needed Break

Brendan and I had a wedding to go to in WI last weekend.  My mom came to get Ingrid and take her back to the horse farm, and we took off in a snazzy rental car for a 7 hour drive.  We got to lay around in a hotel, take multiple naps, and hang out with friends!  We cleaned up pretty nicely for the wedding:

The next day we lounged, ate, napped, slept, rested, didn't play with blocks or crayons, and napped some more.  We visited Brendan's parents and just relaxed.  Did I mention I didn't play once with a wooden block all weekend long?  And I didn't load or unload a dishwasher.  It was heaven.

We got home Sunday afternoon and my mom still had Ingrid.  It was so strange to not have anything to do!  I'd slept so much, I didn't feel like I should lay down again (although I did, ha!) I did some puzzles in a book, watched some TV, and felt bored.  What did we used to do without Ingrid?  Sure she makes me frazzled, but she's also so damn entertaining, it was so wierd to not have her around!

My mom called this morning and said Ingrid had been asking for me, so we each drove half way and met in the middle of nowhere for lunch and to switch.  I was excited to see my dearie, and she was pretty huggy with her ol' mom.  Considering we were at each other's throats before the weekend, I'd say we both got the break we needed.  When we got home it was raining and we played outside with the umbrella.  She kept saying she was looking for "paper leaves" which I figured out much later meant leaves to press between wax paper.  We played blocks and colored and made bread and it was great to get back to our lives again...

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