Friday, February 19, 2010

Such a Big Girl!

Ingrid has taken it upon herself to potty train.  Seriously, two days ago she said mama, potty!  She ran to the bathroom, put the potty seat on the toilet, and tried to climb up there.  And then she went.  So we went diaper free and had one miss and a bunch of catches!  Yesterday she did not have one single miss.  She used one diaper for naptime and one at bedtime.

Today we went to get some training pants.  They were out of girly print 2Ts so Ingrid is the proud new owner of three pairs of train and car themed underpants! 
It is so amazing to me that she is just 21 months old today and is going on the potty.  I had hoped for this, for sure!  Switching to cloth and having potty seats around since she was walking were all a part of the plan!  But you just never know.  She took forever to crawl, to walk, and to sleep through the night.  So I wasn't planning on full on potty training quite yet.  But, hey, follow her lead, see where it goes, right?  She seems ready, so we're going with it.  And so far, no misses in two days!

In other non-urine related news :)  We started with a sweet smelling hyacinth, and then added some red tulips, and then for my birthday we got some bright yellow Gerbera daisies, and now we have a little garden on our kitchen table.  I love it.  It, along with the sun that has been shining for two days, makes me smile.  Spring is quite possibly near.
And one last thing, I just made the sweetest little baby shoes ever.  I got some tiny buttons and I wanted to see how they'd look on the shoes.  Adorable, that's how they look.


heather said...

yay..that's how pip was and we never put a diaper back on! she had a bunch of accidents but oh well! oh and i love the shoes

MaryAnne said...

Fantastic work, Ingrid! No such luck in our house...

Those shoes are darling, and the flowers look lovely.

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Wow Ingrid we are so very proud of you! love our new undies too :) Bron ox

Lyndsey said...

oh, you're SO lucky!

My guy has completely quit the EC scene...he just has zero interest I guess.

Because of his diarrhea sickness a week or so ago, we've been in disposables. I just made the switch back to cloth, and he's started to FREAK out whenever he wets his diaper...he even says the same word he uses for "water", but he'll still scream if I take him potty. *sigh* Babies are WEIRD!