Sunday, February 14, 2010

Great Family Weekend

I got a hyacinth plant a couple days ago after seeing people talk about spring coming to their parts of the world.  I want spring!  But we have snow and ice, so I had to buy my piece of spring.  It smells so good!
Saturday we woke up and decided to get breakfast.  While we were there we remembered the Kiwanis sale was going on, so we checked it out.  It was packed again, and with Ingrid there with us it was kind of crazy.  We found some really good things this week!  We got a Charlie and Lola pop up book that I'm not letting Ingrid touch for a long time.  She ripped something off right away and I got mad.  How stupid is that--what else is a kid going to do with a pop up book??  But this is so cute, I want it to last!

I also got some great vintage fabric.  I sewed some things up tonight with it:
Brendan got an original Trivial Pursuit game, which we realized has the most ridiculous questions...Luckily we have a box of questions from a different version, with questions we could actually answer.  So, game night was on!  We should do that more often.

For Valentine's Day we got Ingrid a balloon at the grocery store.  I was going to pick out a pink or red one, but she demanded a yellow one.  
Then today we ran some errands, painted pictures, and played with Play Dough.  We just spent lots of time together and it felt good.  I like my family.


heather said...

i am dying over that fabric!! i love it!!!! it seems to be like spring in our part of the world... 82 degrees today.

Jami said...

I like your family too :) And I really do love that fabric. If you don't have much I want to be sure I buy a set for myself and future babies.