Sunday, February 7, 2010

Our Weekend

This weekend was so much fun.  I actually got some kid-free friend time on Saturday!  I picked up a couple friends and we met another friend at this Kiwanis sale in Ann Arbor.  It's a huge three floor space that is filled with the best stuff!  It's cramped and only open for three hours on Saturday mornings.  I think it will be my new favorite place to be. 

I found some good stuff, and would've gotten more if I'd not been so hungry.  I got two library copies of Northanger Abbey and Mansfield Park.  And I got these:
We had so much fun digging through piles of stuff.  Brendan says he wants to go next week--that should be interesting with Ingrid!  After thrifting, and hand sanitizing, the ladies and I went across the street to a dive diner for cheap breakfast.  And after that I had to go get my hair cut, so by the time I got home it was almost 2 and I'd been gone all day.  I felt so refreshed and happy to have had time alone.

Today we got groceries together as a family and surprisingly spent $30 less than usual!  I was thinking with all the junk food we bought (using the Super Bowl as an excuse!) we would have spent more.  But it just goes to show you crap costs less than good healthy food...

The Puppy Bowl was on today.  Ingrid was absolutely glued to the tv watching it!  For those not in the know, the Animal Planet channel has this every year before the Super Bowl.  It's just puppies playing with each other for two hours, with a kitty half time show.  It sounds stupid but it's actually so much fun to watch.  Every time a commercial would come on Ingrid would ask "doggy bowl, Mama?  Doggy bowl?" 

And that's about it.  A good weekend, now I'm ready for a great week ahead.


Jami said...

I'm glad you had such a good time! I did too! :) See you this week? Friday at Tracy's, but before that perhaps?

MaryAnne said...

I never heard of the puppy bowl, but I think my kids'll love it - thanks for the link!