Monday, June 15, 2009


Today was super nice out, so Ingrid and I threw on our bathing suits and headed to the pool. That and the dog park are two things that make me really happy to live in this complex. The possible drug dealing going on downstairs, that's another thing altogether. But I digress--the POOL! It is still pretty cold but it feels so good on a nice hot day. We floated around for awhile, then we sat in the sun to warm up/dry off. Ingrid's hair looked really cute with a mixture of sunscreen, pool water and a mama trying to brush it out of her eyes...

Our friend Kristin gave us a box of fabric today. I guess her mom got it at a garage sale or something and thought I might find it useful. Ingrid sure did--she sat there for a half hour or so just playing with all the fabric and making a nice mess.

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Jami said...

Nice! Box full of fabric! Anything good? Was this today? It never seemed to get very sunny, kinda disappointing.