Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

Ingrid's molars are coming in and it's made bedtime really hard. She sleeps for a half hour at a time, then needs rocking. Mama is tired! Apparently so is baby: she took a second nap today and it's now been almost three hours! I had to take a few sleepy pictures because they are just the cutest when they're peaceful like that :) Even though the wind slammed the door shut and I got all up in her face with the camera, she still slept on...with her face planted in a fleece blanket. I ask you, it's 86 degrees in our house right now, would you want to sleep on a fleece blanket??


sunnymama said...

Aww, molars are rough! She looks so sweet sleeping. Sunnyboy likes fleece blankets too.

Sara Haley said...

HAHAHA! Here's April's sleeping picture that I actually took today: