Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our New FuzziBunz

So we won two FuzziBunz diapers!! We got them in the mail a couple days ago and my first impression is that they are so luxurious! Perhaps it's because we're using super old, very used cloth diapers that have life left in them but aren't anything new fangled. I am pleased with our diapers, one because they were cheap, two because they were used, therefore nothing new had to be processed for us to get them, and three because they do the job. After all, they are being used to catch pee and poo--if they do that, I'm satisfied.

But these FuzziBunz!! Oh my god, I got them out of the envelope and just kept touching them. They have fleece inside and it's very very soft, something you'd want to put up against your baby's butt. Like you know how you feel when you ge
t a new sweatshirt and it's unbelievably soft inside? That's how these diapers are.

I just tried one on Ingrid and it's trim and cute. The diapers we have are one size, but they change size using the snaps on the front. The FB have adjustable elastic on the leg openings and on the waist. Which means they are very adjustable to kids with fat legs and/or fat bellies, which is nice. Ingrid has the chubbo legs but a skinny belly, so sometimes it's hard to find things to fit right.
She wore them a couple times and it was very strange because I KNOW she went pee, but it didn't feel wet at all. That was so strange to me, as our other diapers get wet when they are wet. I'm not sure how I feel about that, actually. I like the idea of her being able to be in her diaper for more than an hour, but the thing I like about cloth is that she feels it's wet, and hopefully will want to go on the potty sooner than if she never feels it. Hmmm, a blessing and a curse??

But overall, I am in love with FB diapers!! If we have that second baby I will for sure get some small sized fancy diapers. They are so soft and cushy and not at all bulky. I like our plain jane diapers for every day, but I could see using the FB for traveling and days out and about. I'm so thankful to for having this giveaway so I could try something new :)

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Jami said...

They look very cute. I love the green. And I also like the continuing talk of baby #2. :)