Thursday, April 16, 2009

Playdate at the Park

Today was beautiful and sunny, so we met some friends at a nearby park.

This park is so cool, it has all kinds of fun stuff for the older kids to play on. Ingrid liked to just crawl around, check stuff out. I made those owl pants for her today, check them out :)

She really seemed to want to use the climbing wall. Maybe when you get a little older, dear.

It got to be past naptime, though, and the swing nearly lulled her to sleep. She did end up falling asleep in the sling on the walk home and seemed very comfortable there!


Sara Haley said...

How cute! LOVE the owl pants!!! How long did those take for you to make?

Amber Liddle said...

They were my first pair so they took awhile to get the hem right. But I used those a template for the next pair which I made today. Those took about 20 minutes.

Sadiebug and her Mom said...

Thanks for stopping by. She looks really determined to climb that wall! The Jeopardy thing grows over time. Final Jeopardy signals it's bedtime, but Sadie does a little dance time during Final Jeopardy to get that last bit of energy out.