Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Little Explorer

Random pictures today. First is a picture of Ingrid playing with condoms. Haha! I was on the computer and thought I had put things away so she could explore in our room freely. Forgot to put them away, though, and I looked down and she was pulling them out of the box, looking at the directions paper. It was so funny!

Also, she found her way on top of the dishwasher today. Now standing near it is just not enough. Once she gets something down, it is onto the next thing. Which would be crawling on and into the dishwasher...Yea!

And another fun thing she's learned is where her head is. She ~loves~ Head Shoulders Knees Toes and now can point to her head and just waits until that part of the song where she can point there. She just learns so much every day!

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sunnymama said...

What a little explorer she is! Even found the condoms, how funny :) It is so exciting at that age watching them learn new things everyday. I love the 'heads and shoulders' pictures, so adorable!