Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nichols Arboretum

Yesterday we took advantage of the weather--it was 70!!-to take a walk through the UofM Arboretum. Ingrid had a good time talking to the trees:

We got some good exercise (that was a STEEP hill!)

We saw some cool old trees:

Some fresh spring growth:

And some friendly squirrels:

It will be fun to go back once there are leaves on all the trees and flowers everywhere.

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Sara Haley said...

That tree looks kinda freaky...LOL We've been having nice weather here, too, and I love it! OH, and hey, have something for you to check out: -- coolest things ever! Don't know if you have a problem with Ingrid and her skinny self and pants. :) And are you looking for any good books to read? I have a good suggestion for you. :)